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Apcalis oral jelly is most selling version of Viagra generic drugs because it is easy to use. It is as effective as other medications of same category. It contains active ingredient “Tadalafil” which increases blood flow towards penis resulting in stable erection. This jelly is available in different flavors which grabs the attention of buyers.

What is the use of Apcalis Oral jelly

This contains important ingredient “Tadalafil” which is PDE5 inhibitor. This blocking triggers the blood toward penile muscle leading to stable erection.

Before taking Apcalis Oral jelly

These are not suitable for women, so they should not try this drug. This may be very sensitive for few men, so they should start in less doses after doctor prescription. This drug is not for infants or men of age more than 60. People having angina or diabetes should not use this drug.

How should you take Apcalis Oral jelly

The method to take Apcalis oral jelly is simple. It is available in sachet that can be easily taken when required. It is efficient because it starts to work in 15-20 minutes.

What happens if you miss a dose of Apcalis Oral jelly

It is not problematic if you miss its dose. It can be taken when it is required to attain erection and sexual pleasure.

What happens if overdose of Apcalis Oral jelly

This drug should not be taken in large quantity i.e. more than one dose in 24 hours. In case ov overdosing some harmful effects may occur such as numbness, palpitation, pain in chest, nausea or erection for longer period of time etc. In case of such effects cosult your doctor.

What should avoid while taking Apcalis Oral jelly

Do not use other medicine for impotency while taking Apcalis oral jelly. Don’t take this with grape fruit juice or citrus juice to avoid side effects. Avoid using alcohol.

Side effects of Apcalis Oral jelly

In case of following conditions, seek medical advice as soon as possible. These are:

Difficulty in breathing

Numbness in jaw, neck or Arms


Chest pain


Swelling throat, lips or face

Painful secretion

Sudden hearing or vision loss

Other drugs effecting while taking Apcalis Oral jelly

There are few drugs that may cause harm when used with Apcalis oral jelly such as:




Tuberculosis medicine

HIV medicine

Consult your doctor before taking any medicine regarding impotency, to minimize the risk.


Keep medicine out of the reach of children. Don’t share your medicine with others. If you are feeling any complication, consult doctor as soon as possible.

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